Friday, June 17, 2022

SGG Summer Challenge!


Introducing our Summer-long challenge, the "Hinterland Who's Who!"
This challenge is a retro throwback. Combining classic Hinterland Who's Who tv spots with the popular Hinterland Dress by Sew Liberated, our challenge is to take one of the animals in a video and use it for inspiration in some way to make a Hinterland Dress. Don't have that Pattern? That's okay, use another pattern with the same basic style and go for it! Have some retro fun this summer!
(This challenge runs July-August)

This year you also have options:

If you're not into the Hinterland Who's Who, you can set a self-directed challenge instead-- take a class from one of our many presenters of this season, like Susan Khalje who has many classes on her website, or the half-scale design classes from Threadora, or even a couple of recorded classes by Liz Haywood

Whatever you choose, have fun with your summer sewing!