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The Stratford Garment Guild is a group of sewists who meet monthly (Sept - June) to learn and discuss all things garment sewing with others from Stratford and the surrounding area. Whether you are a seasoned sewist with a fully me-made wardrobe, or a newbie who is nervous about getting started, this is the group for you!

The Stratford Garment Guild does not discriminate based on age, gender, sexual orientation, political beliefs, or religious affiliation. All persons with a passion for sewing clothing are welcome to attend.


The Stratford Garment Guild began in September 2019, fostered by a group of sewing friends who desired to create a gathering place for the many passionate home sewers in Stratford and area. It is open to anyone in Stratford and surrounding area who wishes to meet regularly with other sewists. We met virtually for the past two years but are now returning to in-person meetings.

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