Wednesday, January 19, 2022

February Meeting: Zero Waste Sewing with Liz Haywood


For our February meeting (Tues Feb 8, 7 pm on Zoom) we are delighted to welcome Liz Haywood directly from Australia! 

Liz is an expert in Zero Waste sewing, a technique that, not surprisingly, results in no scraps or fabric waste. She can be found on her blog,, or on IG at @lizhaywood3754 if you want to investigate her cool patterns ahead of time -- she also has a 2020 book called Zero Waste Sewing. 

Liz will be sharing her philosophy and best practices for zero waste sewing and why we might be interested in this form of sewing. Looking forward to lots of learning!

Don't forget, there is no membership fee while we are online, so invite any sewing friends you think may be interested to check us out. 

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